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Gifted Services and Information
The Gifted Coordinators at the Licking County Educational Service Center work with the county's school districts to identify and serve gifted students in grades K through 12.

Our office helps districts identify students as gifted through group and individual testing, helps plan available gifted services and match students to those services using district criteria. In addition, our office coordinates enrichment activities, as described below.

Gifted Coordinators provide professional development to educators and are available to answer questions from parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. For more information about gifted identification, services, and acceleration in the state of Ohio and in Licking County, please see the documents below.
Acceleration is a special service for exceptional students. Districts in Licking County utilize this practice when a child’s academic needs are too advanced to be met in the regular classroom or other available programs. This option is usually sought for just a few students each year, as other school curriculum and services are typically sufficient for meeting the needs of most students. For more information, contact your building principal or a gifted coordinator at the Licking County Educational Service Center.
Model policy for the referral, assessment, and placement of students in accelerated educational options including early entrance to Kindergarten or first grade, whole grade acceleration, subject acceleration, and early graduation
Please contact your local school district's Gifted Coordinator for information about identification procedures and available services for gifted students in your district.
County Programs for Gifted and Advanced Students
The career exploration program, coordinated by the Licking County Educational Service Center, gives middle school students a chance to explore a career by visiting and interacting with professionals in their place of employment. The career exploration program is available to seventh and eighth grade students who are identified as gifted and talented/or recommended by a teacher. Seventh and eighth grade students who wish to apply will receive an application from their school counselor.
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