Welcome to STEP 2017
Welcome to STEP 2017This web page is designed to give business sponsors and teacher participants an over-view of the whole program -- our goals, our expectations, and our requirements.

We walk a fine line between being very prescriptive (so that you will feel we have definite objectives and that you have been given adequate help to make this a effective experience) and wanting to allow for individual variations and adaptations to make the experience fit the unique qualities of both participants and sponsors.

Once a placement assignment is made, we will ask each extern to make an appointment for an initial meeting with the contact person so that they may discuss common goals and expectations. This meeting should take place before our orientation meeting on May 18th if at all possible. The extern should prepare for that meeting by checking out the web site and gathering information about the mission of the business.

For more specific placement information, contact Dr. Nelson McCray.
Significant Dates:

March 8th
Teacher Applications Due

May 18th
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Room 309 Roosevelt
Orientation for Teacher Externs
Externship Dates
June 5-9 & / or
June 12-16
July 10-14

June 19-23
July 17-21

June 26-30
July 24-28

Aug. 31st
Reese Center (125 F & G (Newark Campus)
Wrap-up Reception
Contact Persons:

Nelson McCray, Licking County ESC – 740-349-6084, [email protected]

Carolyn Wells, Summer Coordinator – 740-975-8392, 740-323-3505, [email protected]

Beth Bronkar, Volunteer Support, [email protected]  

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