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Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

Adaptive Physical Education Teacher


Yoga Poses 
Online Resources for Students  
Dance Along Activities 

Dance Along's Incorporating APE Movements

Coordination and Balance Activities 

Circle Bowling 

Scarf Juggling 

Fun With Feathers

Exercise/Warm-up Actvities 

Various Warm-up Exercises 

Push-up Variations and Challenges 

Modified Push-up Video 

Endurance Activities

Full Body Exercises

Stop and Go!

Youtube Videos

The video listed below is a great resource for adaptive yoga! Yoga can be done in the home, with minimal to no equipment, and is a fun way to keep children active.

These videos offer several APE ideas, as well as give you a first look of what adaptive physical education looks like! The videos below require some equipment, however they can still be performed in the home, using a creative mindset. 

Below are videos specifically adressed to autistic children. They contain adaptive yoga, sequencing and planning activities, and fitness exercises.

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