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Career Explorations

Licking County Educational Service Center Career Exploration Trips

The Licking County Educational Service Center offers a career exploration program for 7th and/or 8th grade students who apply for the program and are accepted based on their career interests and availability.  This year we have an exciting selection of trips from which to choose.  Listed below you will find a brief description of each session to give you an idea of the experience you will have on each trip.  While we will try to accommodate your choices, it is important that you understand you may not get your first choice. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate a limited number of students from each district in the county to have this experience. 

Career Trip Exploration Trip Descriptions

Culinary Arts:

Do you enjoy cooking? Join us on a culinary experience where you will learn about the world of being a restaurateur from a local caterer with a wealth of knowledge in the world of food service.  On this trip, students will create their own meals while learning about the education required for a career in culinary arts and the skills required for different occupations within the field. Students will also take part in the creation of their own meal for the day’s lunch!

Digital Marketing & Technology:

Students will learn from a growing local area company on how to respond to the challenges that businesses face to survive and thrive in today’s digital age. Consumers have changed how they make decisions; they go online to find what they need, validate who they buy from and connect more effectively with businesses. Come learn about a variety of digital marketing careers including being a digital marketing strategist helping clients with their internet marketing, effective quality digital communication, social media marketing, website designs, digital advertising campaigns, local search marketing, and other internet related services.


Students interested in engineering will view a variety of career opportunities included in the field as they tour the Owen’s Corning Center for Science and Technology.  Students will learn about all the creative intellect and utilized to produce a variety of products created by the Owen’s Corning Corporation.  Through an interactive tour of this research and technology facility we will meet the employees behind everything from soundproofing to fire-testing and learn how they acquired their current positions.   

Environmental Science:

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Join us as we learn about careers that would allow you to explore all aspects of our environment. You will spend the day in a hands-on research experience as you evaluate the ecological impact on Newark’s Flory Park. Representatives from the EPA, state, and local environmental agencies will give a guided tour of many aspects of this field, including biology, water chemistry, soil and plant science, wildlife conservation, and recycling.  


Students will learn about the various careers involved in the world of Law.  Students will tour the Licking County Courthouses; talk with judges, Local Prosecutors, police detectives, and a variety of other local law professionals.  Question and answer sessions will help students understand if law is a career path they will want to pursue.  


Students on this trip will dive into the world of medicine by meeting a variety of specialists from all aspects of the field. Students will meet at the Licking Memorial Education Center.   Speakers will include everyone from surgeons and nurses to x-ray technicians and physical therapists and a hospital chaplain.  Students will leave this trip with a thorough understanding of the variety of opportunities within the medical field while experiencing hands-on activities. 


Students will spend the day immersed in a variety of real-world STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) experiences. Activities will include hands-on, exploratory learning opportunities in architecture, engineering, digital design and photography. Students will incorporate experiences into a design project..


The world of theatre comes to life on this interactive trip.  Students will meet at a Local Theatre where they will learn about careers in the dramatic arts, tour the facility, engage in audition skills in a supportive environment and practice their own group skit on stage.


Students will learn about the career path of a veterinarian, a vet tech, and other related fields.  Students will be exploring pathology, viewing x-rays, and seeing the surgery area in a Licking County Vet clinic.  The tour will allow students to see grooming and boarding facilities.  Questions that will be answered include: what kind of schooling is needed for this career and how you care for distressed and hurt animals.  

Visual Arts:

Students on this trip will learn about how their art skills and interests could turn into diverse careers.  Students will experience a variety of aspects and applications in the field of art such as animation and drawing, as well as skills and education required for a successful, creative career. 

Career Trip Exploration Trip

Culinary Arts

 COTC/OSU-N Reese Center, 1209 University Drive, Newark OH 43055

Digital Marketing & Technology

RevLocal, 4009 Columbus Road, Granville, OH 43023


Owens Corning, 2790 Columbus Road, Granville OH 43023

Environmental Science

Flory Park, 560 W Church Street, Newark OH 43055 


Licking County Administration Building, 20 South Second Street, Newark OH 43055


Licking Memorial Education Center, 2000 Tamarack Road, Newark OH 43055



C-TEC, 150 Price Road, Newark OH 43055 


Hullabaloo Performing Arts Theatre, Indian Mound Mall, 771 S 30th Street, Heath OH 43056 


Pet Plex Animal Hospital 4200 Walnut Road Buckeye Lake, OH 43008

Visual Arts

Roosevelt Building, 621 Mt. Vernon Rd, Newark OH 43055

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