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1. Any classified employee, who earns college credit from an approved college with prior approval from the superintendent and who presents evidence that such course work has been satisfactorily completed, shall be paid at the rate of ONE HUNDRED dollars ($100) per semester hour, seventy dollars ($70) per quarter hour (contingent on remaining funds in the pool each year); but under no circumstances will such employee be reimbursed more than the actual cost for tuition for the course.

* Part-time employees shall be prorated the above reimbursement per credit. An individual may be approved to participate (if approved by the superintendent) after hire date but before actual employment but is subject to provisions of forfeiture if leaving employment before first year is completed. Such individual shall not be reimbursed before his/her first payroll receipt. This revision shall be effective from July1, 2002.

2. Reimbursement will be made for courses which fall into one or more of the following categories:

a. courses which are directly related to the employee's assignment,

b. courses which relate to any certification area listed on the individual’s certificate,

c. other course work specifically approved by the Superintendent

3. The employee must receive a grade of “B” or better, and/or if a pass/fail course receive a passing grade, to be eligible for reimbursement.

4. Reimbursement is limited to six (6) semester or nine (9) quarter hours per year. Request for reimbursement must be approved by the superintendent before the course is taken. Reimbursement for courses for any classified employee who has to maintain certification/licensure to continue their job requirements will be governed by the provisions as in policy #3421.2.

5. Course work will be reimbursed two pay periods following treasurer’s receipt of official grade transcript and payment of course receipt.

6. An employee who does not return to the district the following year shall reimburse the Board for tuition reimbursement which s/he has received for courses taken, by either payment to the Board or pay reduction from remaining pays. If pay reduction, then there will be a $3.00 service fee for doing so per pay period requested.

7. The maximum obligation of the Board for tuition reimbursement each year for classified employees shall not exceed $4,000. Reimbursement up to this maximum shall be on a first come, first served basis as determined by the date the request for reimbursement is submitted to the Superintendent on appropriate forms.

Adopted: September 12, 2000

Revised: September 14, 2004

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