Speech and Language Pathology (SLP)

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Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) provide remediation and interventions for children with communication impairments that are interfering with a students educational performance. Speech and/or language services may address the following areas in the educational setting:

Expressive Language: a child's ability to express his/her wants, needs and ideas

Articulation: a child's ability to correctly produce speech sounds

Receptive Language: a child's ability to understand language he/she hears

Fluency: the natural flow of speech

Online Resources

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association -- An organization for SLPs, as well as provide lots of information on speech, language and hearing!

Kahoot! -- This is a great website for students to interact with several learning games!
Families/Students can create a free account using an email address
Speaking of Speech -- Parents/Students can use this website to search for activities by skill!

Implementation Activities -- This website is designed with popular young children's book with targeted words to assist your students and activities to provide practice at home!

DLTK Educational Activities -- Educational activities and games 

ReadWorks -- Tool for families to support reading goals 
Example Activity Suggestions Based on Age Groups

Preschool Activity  
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 
MD Elementary-Intermediate-High School
MD 4-6th Grade

Various Activities Suitable for All Age Groups
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