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The Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI) is responsible for teaching students the skills necessary to access the core curriculum as well as to teach students concepts and experiences that most sighted students learn incidentally by observing others. These additional skills students who are blind or visually impaired need instruction in what is known as the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). It consists of knowledge and skills that students will need in order to be independent. There are nine areas of the ECC. Not all students will need instruction in all areas or components but each should be carefully considered. 

The nine areas of the ECC are the following:

  1. Compensatory or Functional Academic Skills
  2. Career Education
  3. Recreation and Leisure Skills
  4. Sensory Efficiency Skills
  5. Orientation and Mobility
  6. Use of Assistive Technology 
  7. Self Determination
  8. Independent Living Skills
  9. Social Interaction


The visually Impaired Team has put together multiple lessons and activities to promote a continued learning environment at home. Below are online resources to assist students and families.


Preschool Activities

Letter Scanning Worksheet

Zoo Animal Worksheet

Writing Activities

      For students who can write:

  1. Please write you child's name in large capital letters. Ask your student to trace those letters.
  2. Write your child's name in large capital letters. Use colorful cereal, colorful beads, etc., and ask your child to use the cereal or beads or whatever you may have at your home to place those items on the letters of their name.

      For students who cannot write:

  1.  Please write your child's name and two other names on 3 different index cards or pieces of paper. Show your student all three names. Can your student pick out their name? To practice, move the names around. Ask your child to find their name again. Do this 3 to 4 times.

1st and 2nd Grade Activities

                               iPad Access: 2 Lessons -- This includes magnification practice using an iPad                                

PC Access -- This worksheet includes adjusting brightness/contrast on a PC or laptop

 6th Grade Activities

Visual Descriptions and Communication -- This worksheet practices identifying basic shapes/objects, describing various pictures, and environment conditions.

7th Grade Activities

iPad or Android Access --This lesson practices accessing and navigating settings on an iPad or Android. It also gives instruction on what to practice if there isn't access to an iPad or Android

Keyboard Shortcuts 

8th Grade Activities

Visual Integration Activity #1 

Visual Integration Activity #2 

Visual Integration Activity #3

Assistive Technology

  1.  If your child has a communication device, please have them practice. Visually locate specific buttons that you tell them and have them practice independently using them.


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