Extended Learning Plan
Extended Learning Plan                                                                                   As of March 25, 2021
Licking County Educational Service Center

Identifying Students Most Impacted by Pandemic:

As the total of our student population have Individualized Education Plans, assessment of the impact of the pandemic on student learning is a constantly on-going process. By assessing and tracking data such those listed below, instruction is constantly being adjusted and customized to meet the individual needs of our students and their identified learning gaps.
  • Progress towards IEP goals
  • Attendance
  • Parent/guardian concerns and feedback

The resources available to address the needs:

Staff will utilize, when deemed appropriate for student learning, a variety of resources to support student learning and close gaps caused by the pandemic. Strategies/resources include, but are not limited to:
  • Online programs such as Edmentum Online Learning and Unique Learning System
  • Take home packets customized to support identified learning gaps
  • Increased use of hands-on activities for students that cannot functionally complete online programming

The approaches we will employ:

The vast majority of the learning support will take place during the school day for the remainder of the school year. Smaller teacher-student ratios will allow for more focused work to address learning gaps. Staff will supplement instruction, when deemed appropriate, with continued access to online learning while both in the buildings and at home.
Extended School Year options, including access to online learning platforms and in-person support will be made available as needed to serve students identified during the remainder of the year as needing the additional support and who can be made available to receive the support.

Partnerships and Alignment with other Districts:

When appropriate to support student learning staff will work cooperatively with our service districts and our students’ districts of residence to utilize already established support systems at the local-district level.
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